Winter National Olympics – Something new!

Taken from another message board as posted by Tim Eggers:

Dunlop and Unlimited Sports are going to post the results on the wireless LAN at the races this year. We hope to have coverage thrughout the park, and intial tests show that this will be possible. It will not be accessible to (or from) the WWW. There will be a separate HotSpot for the WWW.

Dunlop feels that this will be a great benefit to the families that must trek so far across the park to see the results of their motos. Although it will not be the “official” results, it will be uploaded from the same sheets that are printed for the posting board. Needless to say, OFFICIAL results will still be the paper sheets stapled to the posting board. Not everyone has a laptop and can see the “electronic” results. The results on the Dunlop site will actually be displayed almost at the same time as the results are posted on the board – maybe even before they walk to the board and staple them up.

In addition, all annoucements, race schedules, activity schedules, and other items of concern will be the DUNLOP site as well.

So… bring your laptops and save some walking (but if you have a concern – take a run up to the posting board and look)!

I (or someone) will be able to post the results throughout the week on the WWW.

Here’s a sneak peak! There will be a different IP address (those funny numbers) that will be given out at the track. If you have an idea to make it better, BUT SIMPLE (and fast loading), please let me know.

To find more out about the Winter National Olympics here is a link to their website – Unlimited Sports


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